The Net Positive Studio Presents Research Progress at Innovating KC Affordable Housing Roundtable, Hosted by KCDC

The Net Positive Studio presented their semester-long housing analysis and neighborhood research to city officials and development leaders at the Innovating KC Housing Round Table event hosted by the Kansas City Design Center in Kansas City, MO. The event began a crucial conversation regarding the past and future perspectives of affordable housing in Kansas City. Students were able to share their work and discuss the benefits of using a prefabricated, modular system. Also participating in the event was Prof. Joe Colistra’s studio from the University of Kansas, who were investigating prototypes for mixed-use and community-developed housing in Kansas City.

Attendees to this round table included several city officials and housing experts:

· Jeffrey Williams, the Director of City Planning and Development for Kansas City, Missouri

· Stuart Bollington, Deputy Director of Kansas City Neighborhood and Housing Services Department

· Angela Elay, Lead Planner, City Planning and Development for Kansas City Missouri

· Elizabeth Schultz, AIA AICP, Senior Associate at DRAW Architects

· Bob Long, Land Development Specialist, Economic Development Corporation of Kansas City

· Jennifer Tidwell, Deputy Director of Kansas City Housing Department

· Mary Cyr, Director of Northeast Alliance Together (NEAT)