02.20.2021 Update

We started Monday with going through our Construction Documents and marking our drawings. Our class is working in separate groups but at the end we are compiling all our sheets together to go through our progress. We started first with architectural design mark ups and then moved to structural and detailing. After that we had to do some changes and meet on Wednesday to mark our drawings again. On Wednesday too we marked up drawings and go through if we missed anything.  

On Friday we met up with Manhattan Area Habitat for Humanity and MATC (Manhattan Area Technical College) to present our design and HVAC plan. We progressed quite a bit with some drawings. The group from MATC went through our schematic mechanical plan and suggested some layouts that can work. We also went through our drawings to install electrical panels and water heater closet in the right place. After Friday, we are supposed to make some more updates in our drawing for the overall design to come together. We have achieved quite a lot in our work, and we will continue to achieve more. 

-Atia Rahman

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