The Kitchen Process (04.03.2021)

This week was very busy for the Net+Studio, the studio was split between many projects. Primarily, we focused on preparing a set of six presentations for the solar decathlon for the St. John project deadline coming up. We also focus on a continuation of the CD set for the Ogden house. The students organized a group meeting to assemble teams and delegate work to everyone so we can keep up with the multiple deadlines and work that lay ahead. As the semester winds down this time is crucial for us to step up and stay ahead of our work. 

We also received our appliances including a refrigerator, dishwasher, range, washer, and dryer for the St. John house. Since receiving these appliances part of us focused on getting the cabinets cut and ready for assembly so everything could be brought to the house. Students learned how to use the CNC at the architecture department’s main campus shop without the assistance of the school’s resident CNC expert. We were able to CNC all the cabinets and bring them over to our studio shop to start assembly of the kitchen casework.  

In other news, our materials for the Ogden house have been ordered. Raycore Panels are being made and should arrive next week as well as our lumber is being prepared down the street at Star Lumber.  

Conrad Hively 

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