Time to Problem Solve (03.27.2021

This week, we started by setting up the APDWEST shop and preparing the construction panels area. Then, we completed a mock-up version of a typical wall and roof by assembling together all the pieces that we made last week. There were some issues regarding material cost because of the COVID 19 situation. In fact, the construction industry market price has significantly increased. For this reason, we came up with an alternative to replace the Zip board and XPS with polyiso insulation.   

Framing is typically one of the most expensive parts of a home project. As part of the studio strategy, we knew this was a place to reduce the costs by doing the labor ourselves. As we are waiting for a restock of the lumber and ray-core, we started constructing two panels by using the remaining materials left at the shop from last year’s studio. We continued to finalize the construction drawing set by reviewing the plumbing plan, construction details, and casework based on the feedback from Habitat for Humanity.   

On Friday, we brought up some fresh ideas regarding the landscape of the house. Considering the budget and the amount of maintenance the occupants would be saddled with, we came up with a potential list of trees, shrubs, grasses, and flower species to use. After assessing the landscape needs of the house, we settled for small grass beds at the foot of the pad to add a welcoming feel and pleasantly enhance the front porch’s overall impression. A screen between the patio and the driveway would block views of the cars while creating a private outdoor space to relax.  

Seeing the landscape design successfully integrate the house into the neighborhood helps us project our drawings to reality. Now on to construction!  

Salim Akli 

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