St. John Update

As the Net+ Studio began transitioning into the schematic design phase, the work at St. John could not be abandoned. As winter is approaching, we were tasked with making sure the house was sealed up. 

On the first build day, there was a fairly large group of students. We worked together to seal up the windows and get them placed. Even with some small hiccups, we were able to get all of the windows in. Professor Gibson and Devon, from Eco Devo, spent the afternoon on the roof. The next day was spent taping up the joints and they attempted to install the back door, but it could not be accomplished due to the lack of students that could help that day.

The team on Wednesday was able to complete the roof, which included cutting the insulation and OSB. Overall this build session was successful, even though we still have some more flashing to place. Since we were able to complete the roof and get the windows placed, we will spend the next few weeks working on the Schematic Design phase of our project before returning to St. John. In the meantime, we will spend some days in the shop assembling the screen for the porch, the cabinets, and welding the steel columns.

-Alex Weber

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