Panels Are Done!(April 19th)

As we get closer and closer to the end of the semester the Net Positive studio has been working diligently in APD West to complete panel construction. Working during class time and on our own time, the Net Positive studio was able to create a system of working that streamlined the last parts of the building process. Through this process we were able to complete not only the wall panels, but completely finish the roof panels by Friday morning. With all of the panels finished, we were able to prepare them for transport to Ogden. On Friday afternoon we were able to stack every panel onto a semi-trailer for transport. Though this process proved difficult due to the weight of the panels and the height of the stacks, we were able to get every panel but four on to the trailer, and the last four stacked onto the shop truck. Before calling it a day we put tarps over all the panels to protect them from the rain.  

Next week we will be taking them to the site in Ogden and getting them up in place for the house. We plan to work with volunteers from habitat for humanity to efficiently and quickly get the home ready for interior construction.  

-Zachary Jensen 

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