Schematic Design

Our studio is now coming to a close on our Schematic Design phase.  This is when we design the form and function of our proposed house designs through several iterations. We have done research on the needs of the communities we are designing for, environmental factors, and general good design. 

As a group we have collaborated with one another along with Professor Gibson to refine our work to the stage it is currently. This coming up Monday we will be having a private mid critique of our work done by faculty of the College of Architecture, Planning, and Design. Following this critique our studio will have a week’s time to take the feedback we receive and fine tune our designs accordingly. 

The final presentation of the Schematic Design phase will be held with our studio’s stakeholders as the critiques. Following this critique, the SD phase will be completed, and our studio will then move into the Design Development phase. We are looking forward to making our presentations and using the advice we receive to further our work. 

-Aimee Farrell

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