Shop Week

This week in studio we started off by preparing for our 4th trip to the St. John build site. Our goals for the house were to get the porch up and have everything finished on the outside to prepare for the siding, roofing, and landscaping crews to do their work on the exterior of the house.  

Late last week we split into 3 respective groups based on parts of the house we would be working on; porch, casework, and interior walls. The porch group was tasked with designing and building the structural columns for the porch section.  We designed how the columns would be built and had the gusset plates cut with the plasma cutting bed to ensure precise and matching pieces. We then welded together the columns on Tuesday in preparation to paint them on Wednesday along with building the roof sections that cover the porch section. 

Friday, the majority of the group was able visit the build site to set up the columns and anchor them to their respective concrete bases. Then we placed the beams atop them and attached the roofing sections as well. We were able to finish installing the zip board on top of that and tape the seams.  

After finishing the porch the house is ready to have the exterior siding and roofing done, as well as landscaping to conclude work on the exterior of the home. 

-Conrad Hively

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