Net Positive Studio Presents St. John Prototype

Our studio presented the net positive house to jurors on the final presentation of our semester and Kermer Jury on May 4th and May 8th via zoom.

We were grateful to have Prof. Todd Gabbard (Associate Professor K-State), Prof. Judy Gordon (Associate Professor K-State), Prof. Leslie Gordon (Associate Professor K-State), Donna Schenck-Hamlin (Program Associate-KSU Center for Engagement and Community Development), Jared Hoke (Principal, Hoke Ley), Emily Mcglohn (Assitant Professor, Rural Studio, Auburn University), Vladimir Krstic (Director KCDC), Terrance Clark (Executive Director, KCDC), and Tate William (Founder CoBuild) as our jury on Monday, May 4th. Jurors appreciated our project and showed their interest in current small-town problems. Tate William, with his experience in construction, was concerned about our customize casework. His comments expanded upon the adaptability of casework. Every user will use the space differently. Tate challenged us to think of different options for the users.

On Friday, May 8th, we had Larry Scarpa (Principal, Brooks+Scarpa), Joshua Coggeshall (Associate Professor, Ball State University), Jennifer Seigal (Founder, Office of Mobile Design), and Ursula Emergy Mcclure (Partner, Emergy Mcclure Architecture) as a juror. We were also accompanied by many faculties, fellow students, and alumni during the presentation via Zoom. The jury appreciated our research and timeline we had for construction this semester. The panel was very excited to see our studio explore the diverse uses of our design. Still, it was uncertain if we could achieve full construction at the end of May. We explained what we accomplished before Covid-19 and our plan to complete this project during the summer.

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