St. John Update

The Net+ Studio has been hard at work on the St. John build site with help from Eco Devo team members. The studio has now been able to complete one build session in St. John, KS. The first build session consisted of three consecutive build days.  

The site conditions on the first day were rainy and dreary, but this did not stop the site work. The first session’s goal was to prepare the final three roof panels for placement. Professor Gibson and Abigail set out on the main task of disassembling, correcting, and reassembling the three roof panels. Zack and Devon, from Eco Devo, worked inside the house straightening the hurricane straps that had been moved and twisted in the construction process.  

The following day had wonderful weather that resulted in a very productive day. The studio was set to place the last three roof panels and was fortunate to receive the help of Davis Electric and Plumbing, who supplied the studio with a crane that allowed for a smooth installation of the final roof panels. After the successful roof panel placement, studio members Alex, Autumn, Kyler, and Hannah from Eco Devo began the task of inspecting and completing all the structural hurricane strap connections. The other studio members- Travis, Harley, and Conrad- began to cap the top wall and roof edge opening with 2 x 12 boards and constructed a material lift for the roof. The second build session ended with Professor Gibson and Devon began laying and place OSB on top of the roof.  

The final day on site continued with the placement of OSB on the roof with Professor Gibson and Devon continuing this task. Studio members Salim and Justin worked hard to cover the tops of the walls that were capped the previous day with OSB and insulation. The studio was unable to complete placing all the OSB on the roof. The studio will be returning for the second build session this week to continue installing all the OSB, insulation, and ZIP.  

Big Thank You to Davis Electric and Plumbing & the Eco Devo team members, Devon & Hannah.   

-Autumn Kayl 

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