Moving fast

We are off to a fast-paced start to 2021 at the Net+ studio. We spent our first week in small groups working hard to integrate our designs from last semester toward one final house. On Monday, we met with our final iterations of the three final schemes and voted on which design we thought was the best to move forward with. After Monday, we formed new groups to tackle refining and completing the design. Our four teams focused on areas of the central model setup, house structure, cost estimation, and casework, but quickly moved to encompass more. On Wednesday we met briefly with the shareholders of the project and gave them an update with the new plan, interior and exterior renderings, diagrams and more. We talked through issues and concerns as they overall expressed interest and excitement in the project and wanted to see even more updates as the project moves forward. With so much to do in such a short time, Thursday was spent updating and refining all aspects of the design, and by Friday we were able to formulate the overall exterior shape, trim the plan down to a more efficient use of space, and have a kitchen and window plan hammered out. In addition, the structure and cost estimation are now at a good place in terms of figuring out some of the beginning details of construction. Looking forward to next week, we will be looking to finalize the envelope design and plan, as well as adding a final energy analysis. In addition, we will be starting mechanical, electrical and plumbing drawings, as well as construction detailing and fabrication drawings. It’s hard to imagine that we have done so much in so little time, but there is still so much to do! All in all, this is shaping up to be a busy but exciting Spring! 

-Justin Cresswell 

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