We Can’t Slow Down!! (04.10.2021)

As we start to close in near the end of the semester, our workload increases and remains consistently heavy. The Net+ Studio has been continuously preparing for the events of the 2021 U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon. We have been finalizing tests on our prototype as well as finetuning and practicing our presentations for the jurors. On top of this, we have been learning from the process of assembling the kitchen cabinets for St. John. Sometimes things had to be taken apart, recut, and reassembled, however, we have come away from the process with a beautiful, completed set of kitchen cabinets for the St. John project as well as a better knowledge for how to proceed with the select few custom cabinets in our own project in Ogden.  

Due to unforeseen setbacks, our materials have been delayed a bit, but we should start to see them coming in at the beginning of next week. This will enable us to resume prefabrication of our wall panels for the Ogden project.  

Travis Surmeier 

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