Detailing the Ogden KS Net Positive house

The process of detailing the Net positive house was iterative and took the entire team. Detailing takes a clear understanding of not only the form but, the various layers of the building envelope. The building envelope is highly efficient and focused on creating a continuous seal around the entire house. The mechanical systems in theContinue reading “Detailing the Ogden KS Net Positive house”

And Just Like That… We Have A House!

As we come to the final weeks of the semester, the Net+ Studio has had a busy first week on site, while also participating in the APDesign Kremer competition. Though we had some minor setbacks at the beginning, the studio worked hard to get all the wall and roof panels up on site. The studio had the help from Manhattan’sContinue reading “And Just Like That… We Have A House!”

We Can’t Slow Down!! (04.10.2021)

As we start to close in near the end of the semester, our workload increases and remains consistently heavy. The Net+ Studio has been continuously preparing for the events of the 2021 U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon. We have been finalizing tests on our prototype as well as finetuning and practicing our presentations for the jurors.Continue reading “We Can’t Slow Down!! (04.10.2021)”

The Kitchen Process (04.03.2021)

This week was very busy for the Net+Studio, the studio was split between many projects. Primarily, we focused on preparing a set of six presentations for the solar decathlon for the St. John project deadline coming up. We also focus on a continuation of the CD set for the Ogden house. The students organized a groupContinue reading “The Kitchen Process (04.03.2021)”

Time to Problem Solve (03.27.2021

This week, we started by setting up the APDWEST shop and preparing the construction panels area. Then, we completed a mock-up version of a typical wall and roof by assembling together all the pieces that we made last week. There were some issues regarding material cost because of the COVID 19 situation. In fact, the construction industryContinue reading “Time to Problem Solve (03.27.2021”

Solar Decathlon – St. John

The Solar Decathlon deadline was quickly approaching. This meant that it was time to put together a book to submit. As a class, we split into six groups to discuss the architecture, engineering, presentation, resilience, market, and affordability. This process was not only a deadline, but also a good opportunity for us to fully understandContinue reading “Solar Decathlon – St. John”

02.20.2021 Update

We started Monday with going through our Construction Documents and marking our drawings. Our class is working in separate groups but at the end we are compiling all our sheets together to go through our progress. We started first with architectural design mark ups and then moved to structural and detailing. After that we had to do some changes andContinue reading “02.20.2021 Update”