The Final Design

Hello friends! 

Our class has continued to stay fast paced on our design. At this point, we are at about sixty percent complete on our Construction Documents for our Ogden project. We are still working in our separate groups. One group is working on the model, another on the structure and load calculations. Another group is working on the cost estimating and details of the building. The last group is working on casework. This group has designed the custom casework in the kitchen and entry space and will eventually create these cabinets for the house in our fabrication lab at Kansas State University.  

On Friday of this last week, four members of our class presented a “sneak peek” presentation to Manhattan Area Habitat for Humanity and a few members of the community. The group was extremely receptive of our current design and excited to see it come to life. We are eager to bring a house to the Ogden community that pushes the boundaries of what workforce housing is supposed to look like. We are not only doing this but also making it blend with the community and not be so out of place. Our goal is to make an affordable house with several passive strategies seem achievable to others in the community as well. 

-Abigail Steinert 

A house with a group of people outside

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