And Just Like That… We Have A House!

As we come to the final weeks of the semester, the Net+ Studio has had a busy first week on site, while also participating in the APDesign Kremer competition. Though we had some minor setbacks at the beginning, the studio worked hard to get all the wall and roof panels up on site. The studio had the help from Manhattan’s Habitat for Humanity, Manhattan Area Technical College, and HBI, with this help the studio was able to fully construct all wall and roof panels in just four days.  

The studio has been working hard on and off-site in our final week of classes. The studio worked hard to complete a well round presentation for the APDesign Kremer Presentation. On Friday the 7th, the studio participated in the Kremer against two other fifth year studios. Though all the projects were amazing, and the students put in a long years’ worth of work, only one could win. The Net+ Studio is please to say that we placed 1st in the Kremer! We want to thank everyone who helped us achieve this accomplishment and we are so thankful for how this amazing project turned out!  

Thank you!  

Net+ Studio 2020-2021  

-Autumn Kayl  

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