Finishing up in St. John

It has been a very busy week for the Net+ Studio! We have been making progress in both last year’s project in St. John as well as in this year’s project in Ogden. Monday through Wednesday were focused on doing shop work for our project in Ogden. This involved cleaning up the shop, taking time to meet in small team groups with Professor Gibson, and constructing an almost complete corner of house mock-up with a roof and window. Cleaning up the shop to create an efficient working environment was no small task. There was plenty to sweep, wipe down, reorganize, and move to best fit our needs in the coming weeks. 

Later on, in the week we shifted focus to the house in St. John. Groups of students went on site with Gibson to work on the interior of the house to get it ready to have gypsum board installed by contractors. There will have to be at least one more tip back to St. John to do site cleanup work. Some students stayed in Manhattan to work in our campus studio space. These students focused on the casework that will be built by the Net+ Studio and installed in the St. John house. This work involved converting 3D digital drawings into two dimensional cut files for the CNC, estimating how much hardware will be needed, and decided what hardware should be used. 

Quite the productive week!  

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