Research Book

As soon as our studio were done with Analysis and Detail Phase, we got into doing our research book during our thanksgiving break.   We had to do research analysis of two places, Ogden and Manhattan. So, we had divided people into groups to take responsibility to look into different areas of research. At the end of our thanksgiving break we had to presentContinue reading “Research Book”

Intro to Design Development

These past couple of weeks our studio has been transitioning from Schematic Design into the Design Development phase.  At this point, our designs have reached the stage in which we have figured out the larger ideas and now we can start to understand the details of each one. We are fine tuning our designs andContinue reading “Intro to Design Development”

Schematic Design Presentations

We started off with our revised workforce housing presentation, students virtually conveyed some critical aspects of Manhattan’s existing housing conditions and how Net+ design will positively impact the area. The studio then shared a series of diagrams and images to communicate the site analysis of both Lee Mills and Ogden sites.   Then, students were ableContinue reading “Schematic Design Presentations”