Studio Update

This past week, the Net Positive Studio, though always learning more as we proceed, has tentatively finished the research phase and has started work on our schematic design phases for the different workforce housing programs.   Amid our first on-site construction experiences with the St. Johns house, our studio began to formulate and streamline our research presentation to moreContinue reading “Studio Update”

St. John Update

The Net+ Studio has been hard at work on the St. John build site with help from Eco Devo team members. The studio has now been able to complete one build session in St. John, KS. The first build session consisted of three consecutive build days.   The site conditions on the first day were rainy and dreary, but this did not stop theContinue reading “St. John Update”

Research Progress

This week our studio is doing research on our Manhattan/Ogden area project. We have been working in union with Donna Schenck-Hamlin (Program Associate-KSU Center for Engagement and Community Development) and Karmen Davenport to discuss the housing problem in Riley County. We have found the current housing market in Manhattan does not support the needs of the workforce community. The shift inContinue reading “Research Progress”

Net Positive Studio Update

The Net Positive Studio was critiqued by four faculty within K-State’s Department of Architecture on Friday, April 17 via Zoom videoconference, reviewing the studio’s progress and development through an ongoing compilation of a book highlighting all the work completed in the 2019-2020 academic year. This collaborative effort outlines and explains the research, processes, and designContinue reading “Net Positive Studio Update”

Net Positive Studio Reviews Resilient Architecture

Following the protocols of social distancing, the Net Positive Studio too has transitioned into online learning. As our focus shifted from building prefab to intensive research for our book, we realized this phenomenon was a perfect time to reflect on the purpose of our future careers. After an extended two-week spring break, the Net positive studio got together to talk about theirContinue reading “Net Positive Studio Reviews Resilient Architecture”

Studio Pivot

The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry. No matter how carefully a project is planned, complications may arise. Unfortunately, just when prefabrication was ramping up in the shop, we learned that all campus activities would be shut down in accordance with Kansas State University’s response to the coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19) andContinue reading “Studio Pivot”

The Net Positive Studio Begins Prefabrication

The 28th of February saw the first of our material shipments arrive (the largest part of our lumber order), marking our studio’s shift from the classroom to the workshop. While we didn’t have all the materials needed to start panel fabrication, we had some prep work that needed to take place before fabrication. Materials neededContinue reading “The Net Positive Studio Begins Prefabrication”

Net Positive Studio Designs Casework for the St. John Prototype

The decision of the studio was to build custom casework for our design project.  Since we are designing a residence with a very small footprint, we were faced with providing storage in a home in which it is essential to utilize the square footage efficiently.  We strived to provide a place for people to notContinue reading “Net Positive Studio Designs Casework for the St. John Prototype”

Net Positive Studio Conducts a Cost Estimate on St. John Prototype

As the design of our home continued to progress into its final form, we had students create an accurate cost management plan. While the design is at the core of our work, we need to understand the implications of our design. For a time-sensitive project like ours, understanding how we built it and with whatContinue reading “Net Positive Studio Conducts a Cost Estimate on St. John Prototype”

Net Positive Studio Designs Mechanical Electrical and Plumbing Work for the St. John Prototype

In our Net+ House, we considered not only insulation, openings, orientation but also considered efficient MEP systems to solve our purpose. The mechanical, electrical and plumbing equipment are selected based on their energy-saving property, efficiency, and cost. We used Mitsubishi – 30k BTU – M-Series Multi-Position Air Handler. The SVZ-KP air handler includes an ECMContinue reading “Net Positive Studio Designs Mechanical Electrical and Plumbing Work for the St. John Prototype”