Net Positive Studio Designs Mechanical Electrical and Plumbing Work for the St. John Prototype

In our Net+ House, we considered not only insulation, openings, orientation but also considered efficient MEP systems to solve our purpose. The mechanical, electrical and plumbing equipment are selected based on their energy-saving property, efficiency, and cost. We used Mitsubishi – 30k BTU – M-Series Multi-Position Air Handler. The SVZ-KP air handler includes an ECM blower motor to provide more efficient and more intelligent airflow for your home. With a removable blower, the air handler can be easily cleaned and maintained. The air handler also includes a washable filter to ensure the air in your home is as fresh as can be. With the ability to be installed vertically or horizontally, the SVZ-KP air handler can be easily adapted to fit in any duct system. We have this AHU unit placed on the north of the building which will be easier to maintain.

The ERV system that we used is of Panasonic and provides tempered air supply, humidity control, and a balanced amount of exhaust to help maintain balanced, positive or negative pressure throughout the home. The ERV system is placed inside the bulkhead and has a polypropylene wall cap connected with Styrofoam adapter which allows both exhaust [from the right] and supply [from the left] airflow The dividers inside the bottom portion of the Y shape chamber and the new wall cap help prevent cross-contamination.

The light fixtures used in the house are mostly LED and are selected carefully which is aesthetically pleasing as well as saves energy. Hot water connections have been provided in both bathrooms, kitchen, and washer. The Master bath, kitchen and Washer shares one heating unit and the second bath has its separate unit, EcoSmart 18 and EcoSmart 11 respectively. EcoSmart tankless electric water heater delivers endless hot water, while at the same time-saving space, time, money, which will help us to reduce overall energy and water use.

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