Net Positive Studio Update

The Net Positive Studio was critiqued by four faculty within K-State’s Department of Architecture on Friday, April 17 via Zoom videoconference, reviewing the studio’s progress and development through an ongoing compilation of a book highlighting all the work completed in the 2019-2020 academic year. This collaborative effort outlines and explains the research, processes, and design work and other documentation that has gone into the development and creation of the St. John House Prototype. We are thankful that architecture professors Michael Grogan, Chad Schwartz, Ray Streeter, and Grant Alford attended the videoconference, all of whom provided their own knowledgeable recommendations and feedback. The constructive criticisms of the draft included revisions, further explanation, and suggested clarifications regarding the book’s graphical and literary organization. Changes and additional iterations of the book will continue to be revised, edited, and developed further by the studio throughout the end of the semester to create a finalized document for publication.

The studio also presented their updated design proposal via Zoom on Monday, April 27 for the St. John Housing Prototype to the project client, Stafford County Economic Development led by executive director Carolyn Dunn. Dunn, accompanied by Program Director & Financial Officer Ashlee Bevan, gave constructive feedback of the design changes and final comments to the students as they make their final push towards graduation. Dunn and Bevan also reiterated how this improved design will continue to benefit the people of Stafford County, and positively affect other rural communities as well – a testament to the dedication and persistence of the studio to address affordable and sustainable housing shortages with a thoughtful and practical design approach.

The final design proposal and presentations will can be accessed in the coming weeks on the studio’s website. Copies of the finished book will soon be available for purchase, with ordering information becoming available at a future date.

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