Schematic Design

Yellow Team

Brandon Cole, Prajakta Thipsay, Sergio Bichara and Somnath Mukherjee

In the 3- Bedroom Scheme, we connected the home with a central axis that bisects the home vertically. This pathway allows the bedrooms to nestle into the north side of the house and creating a central activity space on the south side. On the West side of the house is the patio that gives clears views and outdoor excess from the kitchen. This concept achieves a basic layout and provides more private space.

In the 2 Bedroom Scheme, the house has liner access running east and west that links all of the rooms. The house is made up of three rectangular modules; each provides its own activities s and needs. The first is a private meditation room on the Eastside. The second is the core of the home for chores and social gatherings. And the third is the Bath and bedrooms that occupy the north side of the house. On the south side of the home is a horseshoe patio that accomplishes both the private and public needs of the user. This concept is directed to meet the needs of the users and provide varying levels of privacy.

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