Schematic Design

Blue Team

Braedy Busenitz, Gaurave Neupane, Evan Ollenburger, Rebekka Poole, and Grant Urban

In the 3-bedroom scheme, the team created pockets of space on the exterior of the building by pushing and pulling the façade inward and outward, allowing the boundaries of the interior spaces to bleed into the outside and vise versa. This allowed for the interior living space to physically expand into the outside, increasing the square footage of the public spaces of the home without adding construction costs or operational costs to the home design. The same material strategies used in the 2-bedroom scheme were also used in this 3-bedroom scheme, furthering that connection between indoor and outdoor space.

In the 2-bedroom scheme, the team used the idea of material continuity to create the blending between interior and exterior space. Similar materials were used for the flooring and overhead planes between the interior and exterior, creating a visual connection that gave the illusion that the interior spaces are bigger than they are. An unconditioned sunspace on the south side increased the occupiable square footage without having to heat and/or cool the space, saving money on construction and operation while giving the residents more room to expand their living area.

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