2018-2019 Affordable Housing

Location: Kansas City, MO

Project Type: Single Family Home

The students for 2018-2019 school year focused on designing and building an affordable, net-positive home for a client in Kansas City, MO. The Historical Northeast neighborhoods of Kansas City have long been places of diversity and prosperous family life. In the last 20 years, these neighborhoods have suffered from neglect and absent landlords. Since then, there have been no new building permits in the Indian Mound neighborhood. The Net Positive Studio is proud to partner with the Mattie Rhodes Center to introduce a new model of affordable, sustainable housing to these neighborhoods.

From Top: Mi Chele Lee, Jessica Wyatt, Safa Salih, Will Olds, Kazem Namazi, Amber Morris, Cathy Matthews, Joe Kutter, Kody Gabel, Johnathan Disberger, Matthew Dickman, Christian Carter, Yueming Cao, Stephen Bregande, Professor Michael Gibson