Studio Completes First Draft of Book

This past week, our team completed its first draft of the Net-Positive Studio Book! Its purpose is to show a comprehensive understanding of our project over this academic year. The extensive process that led us to this point included: how we operate, our research, schematic design, design development, construction documents, our panel prefab process andContinue reading “Studio Completes First Draft of Book”

Studio Presents Final Design

The end of the semester arrived, and it was time to reveal all our hard work. Architects from BNIM, El Dorado, the Kansas City Design Center and professors from the college came to see the results of the Net-Positive Studio. We all had worked on so much to get to this point. Site analysis ofContinue reading “Studio Presents Final Design”

The Net Positive Studio Presents Single Family Home Concepts to St. John, KS

After initial individual schematic research and design, our studio began to form teams to maximize the knowledge we gained from our early work. We formed three groups to form six unique ideas that embodied the desires of St John. These were: creating an affordable home that could be sold or rented out, minimizing wasted space,Continue reading “The Net Positive Studio Presents Single Family Home Concepts to St. John, KS”

Build SMART and Studio 804 Tour

              In order to better prepare for our own construction, we needed to learn from experienced leaders in the design-build studio and prefab process. There was no better place to start than Lawrence, Kansas. Although our Wildcat pride was at stake, Studio 804 has been building their own projects for years and have even madeContinue reading “Build SMART and Studio 804 Tour”

Alabama – Net Positive Studio Visits Rural Studio

The Net + studio trip started with a short 13-hour drive down to Greensboro, Alabama on November 10-13th where the students stayed in two 1850’s or earlier homes through Airbnb for two nights. The 1850’s homes featured many antique pieces of furniture with some updated amenities such as bathrooms and kitchens. The studio met inContinue reading “Alabama – Net Positive Studio Visits Rural Studio”