The Net Positive Studio Presents Single Family Home Concepts to St. John, KS

After initial individual schematic research and design, our studio began to form teams to maximize the knowledge we gained from our early work. We formed three groups to form six unique ideas that embodied the desires of St John. These were: creating an affordable home that could be sold or rented out, minimizing wasted space, achieving net-zero energy efficiency, and making it easily repeatable so the county could continue to use our design. We explored structure, materiality, design, and spatial efficiency to understand how these needs could be met.

October 19th marked our first presentation of our early schemes for St John’s net positive home. This was done in front of local community leaders and enthusiastic locals looking to aid us in this ambitious project. The citizens of St John provided valuable feedback over lunch as we shared our ideas and questions for achieving an affordable home. A productive few hours gave us further insight and has pushed the Net-Positive Studio in the right direction.

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