Studio Completes Redesign for St. John House

The Final Design for the sustainable home of St. John or, 806  N Broadway, turned into a modern form of many of the design principles that embody the homes of this small Kansas town. The main driver for aesthetic decisions relied on affordability and sustainability. The house is rectangular in plan, stretching from East to West to guarantee plenty of space for solar paneling. From the exterior, the house is wrapped with blue metal siding. As you approach the house from the east, the patio reaches out from the main entrance to greet those from either end. A white metal roof extends over this outdoor connection, forming a protective cover. For additional cover, there are two wooden sliding panels to provide shade in the warm months and remain open and sunny when it’s cold. On the northside of the house, sliding doors allow plenty of indirect light into the dining space. Adjacent to dining is a customized kitchen with movable island. The living space sits on the opposite end to provide an open arrangement for the family to engage in each space. The center acts as an open circulation provides across the building. On the west side of the house is two rooms with cabinetry to provide much needed storage. These can become bedrooms, workspaces, a play room or any other need the family might have, while a lavatory is sits between them for easy access. On the east side of the house are the washer and drier on-axis with the center circulation. The master bedroom lies in the southeast corner, which connects to spacious master bathroom. All these spaces allow the owner to live in comfort despite the limited space, making this home an important addition to the fabric of St John.

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