The Net Positive Studio Conducts Neighborhood Analysis on St. John

The Net+ studio presented its first draft of research conducted for St. John, Kansas on September 6th. This will inform the studio on how to proceed with the house design for their community. It will also aid in design style and functional needs. Listed is a brief layout of our research on St. John’s history, construction, real estate, and income:

History of St. John, Kansas:

  • 1875: Originally known as Zion Valley, and settled by the Mormons. An elder in the church blessed the site, saying that the town would never be destroyed by a cyclone.
  • 1879: Zion Valley was renamed after then Governor John Pierce St. John.
  • 1882: St. John became the permanent county seat by an act of the Kansas legislature. The county courthouse was built in 1886.
  • 1886: The railroad came to town on July 4, 1886. Both the Atchison Topeka and Sant Fe and the Missouri Pacific railroads laid tracks through the county.

Construction and real estate:

  • St. Johns currently has a total of 552 homes and approximately 1,400 residents.
  • 16 homes were sold from 2016-2019 and 10 (1.5%) currently are on the market
  • 81% of homes in St. Johns were assessed at below 50% quality
  • Median housing cost in St. Johns is $45,000
  • 85% of 1920 – 1960’s houses
  • 10% of 1960’s – 1980’s houses
  • 4% of 1980’s – 2000’s houses
  • 1% of new construction


  • Potential clients between ages 25-44
  • Median income range of $25,000-$50,000
  • Below area median income of $47,000

Why Net positive is the answer:

  • Lower/no Utility bills
  • Low Maintenance
  • Longer lifespan
  • Healthy, comfortable, quality home

The research conducted by our studio has taught us what the problems are and how to address them, which will continue to push the design forward in the coming months. This will be valuable information to both us and the Community of St. John as to how to continue development and growth in a sustainable and affordable way.

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