The Net Positive Studio Presents Single Family Home Concepts to Mattie Rhodes, NEAT

After exploring initial design concepts individually, the studio worked in pairs to come up with 8 schematic design solutions. Each solution was under 1000 square feet, built for less than $100,000, and net-zero energy efficient. A diverse range of schemes were imagined, ranging from two story homes, lofted homes, or single story ranch style. As a design exercise, our team looked to address issues on materials, spatial relationships, and construction sequencing, as well as affordability and sustainability.

These schemes were brought back to our partner, the Mattie Rhodes Center, and presented to a panel of community members, board members, and real estate agents. The overwhelming feedback was that each scheme presented a unique design solution to affordability. After further discussion, Mattie Rhodes decided to abandon their plans to build a subsidized, 4 bed 3 bath home in order to build one of our designs. It was determined that we would expand the scope of the project to include more living space and an additional bedroom.

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