Design Development

Our conceptual approach was implemented through 4 specific steps. 

Step 1: The lot we are working with in Ogden is located on the corner of two streets. This greater exposure helped us direct the public spaces of the house towards the more visible part of the lot. In this way, the public areas of the house are placed to respond to the street of the corner lot.

Step 2: Living spaces were fine-tuned and combined into one large open, rectangular room, rotated to create an L shape. This allows for a more spacious living area.

Step 3: A separate dining area was added to expand the space of the living room and create a front porch. 

Step 4: Once the basic form was finalized,  We provided visual and physical moves that provide connections to exterior spaces. 

So how did we achieve an affordable Net+ home?

Once the initial design work was completed, we turned our focus on to the passive design strategies that make this a sustainable home. The slideshow below explains the methods and thought processes behind these design moves.

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