Get to Know Us…

Justin Cresswell

Architecture Graduate Student

Justin has been interested in residential and historic architecture since he was a child. Born and raised in Manassas, VA, with parents from both England and California. His background enabled him to develop a strong sense of place and how it effects local architecture at an early age. He started designing houses for fun in middle school and became interested in the historic architecture found in Virginia and the UK. Justin received a Bachelor of Arts in Media Communication with a Film Studies emphasis from Asbury University. He has worked on various film and television projects in the Art and Production departments on sets in both Kentucky and California. After years of designing buildings and landscape photography as hobbies, a road trip across the United States reconnected him with the idea of architecture as a career.

Justin is now in his final year of the Master of Architecture Post Baccalaureate program at Kansas State University. What excites him about good design in architecture is its ability to set a positive context in the lives of the people who inhabit it. This passion for residential architecture, designed in perfect symbiosis with the regional landscape, is why he is excited to be part of the Net Positive Studio.

In addition to architecture and photography, Justin enjoys traveling, writing, film, music and interior design.

“Architecture aims at eternity.”

– Sir Christopher Wren

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