Solar Decathlon CD Set – Submission

For the first several weeks of the Fall semester, the Net+ Studio has been working hard to complete our construction and structural documents for review in preparation for the Solar Decathlon. Our team is happy to say that we submitted our revised drawing set to the Solar Decathlon on February 18th and are now makingContinue reading “Solar Decathlon CD Set – Submission”

Alabama – Net Positive Studio Visits Rural Studio

The Net + studio trip started with a short 13-hour drive down to Greensboro, Alabama on November 10-13th where the students stayed in two 1850’s or earlier homes through Airbnb for two nights. The 1850’s homes featured many antique pieces of furniture with some updated amenities such as bathrooms and kitchens. The studio met inContinue reading “Alabama – Net Positive Studio Visits Rural Studio”

The Net Positive Studio Working on Workshop Project

The Net+ studio’s first project was to design a table for our workspace. The process began with measuring two studio desks and then sizing the table to fit 14-people. After sizing, the studio split into two groups – one construction group and the other for tabletop design. The construction group utilized leftover 2×4’s and plywoodContinue reading “The Net Positive Studio Working on Workshop Project”

The Net Positive Studio Conducts Neighborhood Analysis on St. John

The Net+ studio presented its first draft of research conducted for St. John, Kansas on September 6th. This will inform the studio on how to proceed with the house design for their community. It will also aid in design style and functional needs. Listed is a brief layout of our research on St. John’s history,Continue reading “The Net Positive Studio Conducts Neighborhood Analysis on St. John”

Hello From the 2019 Studio

Welcome to the Net+ studio 2019-2020 team! We are made up of 14 creative and excited students who are ready to push forward K-State’s design-build program and begin a discussion of the project for St. John, Kansas. The studio will be designing an affordable house that will help solve the housing deficit in St. John.Continue reading “Hello From the 2019 Studio”